Articles | "Capital Punishment"

March 22, 2021

by William Heinrich

 Capital Punishment



1. Capital punishment is not a deterrent to murder and therefore is a senseless law.

2. Capital punishment is discriminatory, for only the poor and black receive it.

3. The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill,” but love and forgive.

4. Capital punishment is unchristian and a relic of the Dark Ages.

5. Capital punishment is barbaric and makes it irreversible when done to an innocent man.


I. Capital punishment and Adam


A. God warns of the death penalty. Genesis 2:7


B. God executes the death penalty, and God takes full responsibility. Romans 5:12


II. Capital punishment and Cain


A. A time in history without the death penalty Genesis

1. Cain a murderer 4:8

2. Lamech a multi-murderer 4:23

3. The earth filled with out-of-control violence 6:13


B. A time in history when God executed justice Genesis 6:13


III. Capital punishment and Noah


A. God institutes capital punishment and human government.

1. The command given 9:6a

2. The command explained 9:6b

*Murder is a direct crime against God’s image.


B. God promises blessing to those who keep His law.

1. No more worldwide flood. 8:21

2. Seasons will exist. 8:22

3. Dominion over creation 9:1-2

4. A new diet 9:3

5. A covenant rainbow 9:16



IV. Capital punishment and Moses


A. The command given not to murder Exodus 20:13

*Kill is intensive in form.


B. The command illustrated Exodus 21:12-36

*Life for life


V. Capital punishment and Jesus


A. His Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:21-22


B. Parable of the householder Matthew 21:33


VI. Capital punishment and Peter Acts 5:1-11


A. The crime: lying to God 4


B. The punishment: death 5


C. The result: great fear 21


VII. Capital punishment and Paul


A. He believed in it. Acts 25:9-11


B. He taught it. Romans 13:1-7



 Does capital punishment deter crime? Ecclesiastes 8:11

Is capital punishment a crime or a command?

Is God’s justice as important as His love?

Do we decide things in how we feel or in what God says?

There are 12 different crimes in the Bible that demand the death penalty. Should we put people in office with this same standard of justice?