Articles | "Acts of God"

August 19, 2020

by William Heinrich

Is the corona virus and “act of God”? If I answer I think that it is, then is it a sign of the End Times that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:7 or perhaps judgment for unrepented sins?


          Sometimes God uses signs of nature to point us to a major event. For the birth of Christ He used special lights in the heavens, probably a manifestation of the shekinah glory. At Christ’s crucifixion the earth experienced three hours of darkness and a major earthquake. When Christ returns, the earth will experience the greatest earthquake in history (Rev. 16:18-21).


          Other times God uses signs of nature as judgment to call nations to repentance. When nations rebel against God, He responds by raising up prophetic voices to call the nations to repentance. These are people who know how to apply the scriptures to the need at hand. If a nation refuses to heed, God will judge. Sometimes this judgment comes in a natural disaster like drought, crop failure, and pestilence (CF Nahum 3:19; Jeremiah 30:12; Micah 1:9). Let’s not forget The Flood and the plagues of Egypt.


          Today some say, No! God doesn’t do that anymore because this is the age of grace. However, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). There is not an Old Testament God of wrath and a New Testament God of grace and love. God is who He is and changes not (James 1:17). Grace is poured out on sinful nations when they repent as Nineveh did in the book of Jonah.


          Some today blame Satan for natural disasters. But the Bible teaches God is sovereign and Satan is not free to do what he pleases (CF Job 1:6-12). No, the Bible attributes all “acts of God” to God.


          Since the 1960’s America has been turning its back on God. God has begun to judge us for our sins with such things as our defeat in the Vietnam war, the AIDS epidemic, the plague of sexually transmitted disease, the rapid increase and acceptance of homosexuality, etc., monster earthquakes, killer tornadoes and hurricanes, volcanic eruptions (Mt. St. Helens), terrorist assault on the twin towers (wealth) and the Pentagon (military power).


          I mentioned about that sometimes God uses “acts of God” to point to a major event. I am convinced we are very near to the Lord’s return. That is indeed a major event. When Jesus speaks of His return, He gives a list of what will happen, including natural disasters like wars, famines, earthquakes, and pestilence. However, He says they are the beginning of sorrows (Matt. 24:8). This could be teaching that the acts of God to point to this major event will start slowly and gain speed and start mildly and gain intensity. According to Global National Disaster (, in 1960 there were 35 natural disasters that year. In 2009 it had risen to 860 national disasters for the past year. Another point of interest: Have we ever had a worldwide pestilence before? How about our fires? We have always had fires, but they sure seem to be intensifying. In the decade of the 1980s there was a total of 1,085 earthquakes that measured 6.0 or greater. In the decade of the 1990s the number had jumped to 1,591.


          It seems obvious to me that our question is answered. The corona virus is an “act of God,” and God is warning us to repent, and God is alerting believers to watch and discern the signs of our time. In Matthew 24 we see the grave sin a servant can make. His servant said in his heart, not out loud, “My Lord delays His coming.” He believed his Lord would come, but not right now. Observe what is involved in delaying the Lord’s return. It’s denying that He would come even right now. We not only have God’s word about His coming, but we have the very clear and obvious sign we call “acts of God.” Both shout very loudly to any who will look and listen.


          Are “acts of God” really acts of God? Yes, without a doubt.