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Welcome to the home page of The Maungos.

 This will be a place where you can stay up to date on what the Lord is doing through this ministry in Kenya, Africa.


Pastor Wilson Maungo, national church planter in Kenya and Uganda (46 churches planted to date), came and visited with me May 6th., through the 16th..Wilson and I attended Good Shepherd Missionary Training School together in 2006.  In 2007 I went to see Wilson in Africa visiting 11 churches in Kenya and 1 in Uganda. It was during this visit that the Lord put on my heart a desire to help the orphans of Muroki  and Kitale (43 children total).

Below left is a toilet being constructed for the children and teachers at the church (which is also used for a school during the week). Next shows the building after being constructed of logs,  filled in with stone and mud, then "stuccoed" over using a concrete stone mix (seen piled up outside the church). Instead of a dirt floor, the children now have a cement floor( which keeps parasites in the old dirt floor from burrowing into the children's feet and causing infection). After that there's a picture of Alice and Sumbua (Lilian) passing out school uniforms to the orphans. 

All of this and so much more is a result of your giving!  Chris Newbern's church in Adel Georgia, Harvest Baptist Church in Millbrook AL, First Baptist Church of Spencer, Faith Baptist Church AL, Pineview Baptist Church, AL and the list goes on including many individual donations which also consisted of inmates from several prisons giving out of their need! Because of your kindness, children are being fed, clothed, housed and taught. The Gospel is being lived out before them in Word and in deed.