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  • Clarification on the Doctrines of Grace which some call Calvinism
  1. What We Don't Mean by "Calvinistic."
    1. We do not hold to Covenantal Theology in the same sense as those who hold to a single covenant in which there is no distinction between Israel and the Church, circumcision and Baptism, etc.
    2. We do not follow John Calvin the man, nor any institution that happens to bear his name.
    3. We do not hold Reformed Theology as a system in the same place as Scripture.
    4. We are not Amillennial or Post Millennial in Eschatology.
  2. What We Do Mean by "Calvinistic."
    1. We hold to a distinction in all of the Covenants in Scripture (Noaic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, etc.) and a distinction between the future of ethnic Israel as an elect nation and the Church (though the spiritually elect are one body e.g. Eph 3). We believe that the Sovereign Decree of God brings about all of these things for His glory.
    2. We believe Calvin and many other great teachers of the Christian faith are right insofar as their teachings properly represent the Bible.
    3. We hold strongly to the Doctrines of Grace and believe that Calvinistic Soteriology is most Biblical and shows the correct view of the Sovereignty of God in all facets of Salvation. Further, we believe its emphasis rests properly on the Glory of God being the purpose for Salvation.
    4. We are Premillennial in Eschatology and see the elect Bride of Christ ruling with Him in the 1000 year period following His return.