Welcome to the Koinonia Page. 

Koinonia is the Greek word for Fellowship.  This is our "family stuff" page.  SGBC is known for its closeness and loving family atmosphere.  If you are not a member or haven't visited us yet, you are invited to join us for any of our fellowships and events.  But be warned... You will feel a lot of love and may never want to leave!


If you are not receiving e-mail updates and prayer requests e-mail Pastor Sloan and he'll add you to the list of folks who get that.




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Read the Providence Story (pdf here)

SGBC has made it a point to acknowledge the Providence of God in the work that brought us into existence and sought to praise Him for it conitnually.


prov·i·dence noun \ˈprä-və-dən(t)s, -ˌden(t)s\ 1 a often capitalized: divine guidance or care

b capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny

2 the quality or state of being provident


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